UTM Working Group

The role of the AAUS Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) Working Group will be to provide industry with a voice to communicate needs to Government and agencies on the development of an Australian UTM system and related matters.

Terms of Reference


  1. In coordination with other industry bodies (e.g. ASTRA) provide a unified industry voice to approach Government and relevant agencies (CASA, Airservices Australia) on behalf of AAUS members on matters relating to the UTM.
  2. Promote and facilitate development of Australian UTM solutions in concert with government and international opportunity for Australian UTM industry.
  3. Foster UTM knowledge development across the Australian ATM and UAS/RPAS sector.

Working Group Members

  • Jackie Dujmovic (Hover UAV / AAUS Board, Chair)
  • Andrew Crowe (Mirragin)
  • Kristian Cruickshank (Airservices Australia)
  • Simon Hooper (Precision Autonomy / AAUS Board)
  • Peter Jones (Telstra)
  • Terry Martin (Nova Systems)
  • John Perkins (JFP Services)
  • Adam Welsh (DJI)
  • Greg Tyrrell (AAUS)


List of AAUS UTM Working Group submissions on behalf of AAUS membership:

AAUS Member Input / Feedback

The RPAS UTM Working Group will communicate its progress against objectives on a regular basis via AAUS newsletter and other communication channels.  From time to time we will seek AAUS membership input via surveys, but we welcome input and feedback at anytime.

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