RPAS NOISE Working Group

The role of the RPAS Noise Advisory Group is to provide relevant industry perspective and expertise to develop an AAUS / Industry position on the introduction of regulations concerning RPAS noise in Australia.  

Terms of Reference


  1. Compile relevant information to inform the group on research and regulations that may apply to RPAS noise
  2. Develop an industry position paper on regulating RPAS noise
  3. Communicate the position paper with the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development (DITCRD)
  4. Develop responses to any DITCRD RPAS noise policy consultation request.

Working Group Members

  • Greg Tyrrell (AAUS, Chair)
  • Reece Clothier (Boeing NeXt / AAUS Board)
  • Jake Andrew (The Institute for Drone Technology)
  • Andrew Crowe (Mirragin)
  • Geoff Durham (XRotor)
  • Jackie Dujmovic (Hover UAV / AAUS Board)
  • Ken King (Freespace Solutions)
  • Anthony Marsh (AirAssess / AAUS Board)
  • Andrew McDonald (Consultant)
  • David Steinfeld (Patching Associates Acoustical Engineering Australia)
  • Adam Welsh (DJI)


List of AAUS RPAS Noise Working Group submissions on behalf of AAUS membership:

AAUS Industry Position Paper – RPAS Noise Regulations Final 20191121

AAUS Member Input / Feedback

The RPAS Noise Working Group will communicate its progress against objectives on a regular basis via AAUS newsletter and other communication channels.  From time to time we will seek AAUS membership input via surveys, but we welcome input and feedback at anytime.

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