July 17 – 18, 2019  Canberra

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The Australian Association for Unmanned Systems’ “RPAS in Australian Skies 2019” was held at the National Convention Centre on July 17-18. 

Over 250 delegates came together to discuss the safe integration of RPAS into the national airspace.  Themes covered:

  • Policy and Regulatory updates from CASA, AirServices Australia and the Australian Defence Force
  • Airspace and Air Traffic Management (ATM & UTM)
  • Australian very low airspace environment, challenges and opportunities
  • Defence plans for RPAS use in domestic civil airspace
  • Lessons learned from RPAS operations in shared airspace with focus on BVLOS
  • Industry challenges and perspectives
  • Training requirements for future RPAS operators
  • ATSB RPAS data and trends
  • Emerging technology and innovative solutions enabling RPAS integration into Australian airspace
  • Detect and Avoid concepts and emerging standards
  • Future infrastructure requirements to enable drone delivery and urban air mobility.

Conference Program & Presentations

Wednesday July 17, 2019

Session 1: Government Policy

0900:Reece Clothier (AAUS): Conference Opening.

0910: Simon Moore (Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development): Policy and Regulation for RPAS as an Emerging Aviation Technology. [presentation]

0935: Michelle Bennetts (AirServices Australia): Safely Managing Australia’s Rapidly Changing Skies. [presentation]

1000: Greg Hood (ATSB): Stats and Facts – Understanding the Role of the ATSB in improving RPAS Safety. [presentation]

1025: Panel Discussion: Simon Moore, Michelle Bennetts, Greg Hood. Moderated by Reece Clother (AAUS).

1055 – 1125 Morning Tea

Session 2: Regulatory Development

1125: Mark Houston (NZ CAA): The Next Steps – Cora, SORA, Pyka and Beyond. [presentation]

1155: Simon Denby / Andrew Ward (CASA): BVLOS Operations in Australia – A Regulators Perspective. [presentation]

1225: Brandon Suarez (General Atomics): Towards Routine Global Commercial RPAS Operations. [presentation]

1255 – 1345 Lunch

Session 3: Airworthiness & Safety

1345: Michael Allouche (IAI): Facing the Challenges of RPAS Airworthiness and Airspace Integration. [presentation]

1415: Jean-Guy Blete (Thales): Geofencing, Identification and Tracking Solutions. [presentation]

1445: Adam Welsh (DJI): Elevating Safety – Protecting the Skies in the Drone Era. [presentation]

1515 – 1545 Afternoon Tea

Session 4: Defence & Beyond

1545: WGCDR Nick Dyce-McGowan & MAJ Glenn Pinnuck (DASA) : Defence UAS Regulations for the Future. [presentation]

1615: SQNLDR Ian Taylor (RAAF): Air Force considerations regarding Integration of Large RPAS into Australian National Airspace. [presentation]

1645: Clem Newton-Brown (SkyPortz): Delivering the Infrastructure of the Future. [presentation]

1830:Gala Dinner 

Thursday July 18, 2019 

Session 5: Training for the Future

0900: Michael Nas (Bennett + Co): The Winds of Change – Navigating the Future Legal Environment for Drones. [presentation]

0920: Wayne Condon (UAV Training Australia): Training Requirements for Future RPAS Operators. [presentation]

0940: David Mann (UAVAIR): Large Student MRUAS Training Programs – Successes and Challenges. [presentation]

1000: Ross Anderson & Rowan Kimber (Aviassist): Enabling RPAS Organisations to perform into the Future.

1020: Panel Discussion: Michael Nas, Wayne Condon, David Mann and Ross Anderson. Moderated by Simon Hooper (AAUS).

1040 – 1110 Morning Tea

Session 6: LAAM & UTM 

1110: Trent Fulcher (AirShare): The NZ UTM Experience [presentation]

1140: Frank Erb (Thales): Low Altitude Airspace Management – Enabling Safe Growth of the RPAS Industry [presentation]

1210: Rory Houston (Sky Network): An Alternate, Decentralised UTM Architecture [presentation]

1240 – 1330 Lunch

Session 7: Enabling Technologies 

1330: Maurice Gonella (AVT Australia): The EyeSpy See and Avoid Prototype System – Initial Findings  [presentation]

1400: Brooke Tapsall (DroneALERT & AGICS): Using Artificial Intelligence for Drone Recognition. [presentation]

1430: Greg Dunstone (uAvionix Australia): Mode S Transponders and ADS-B supporting Airspace access and UAV Applications. [presentation]

1500 – 1530 Afternoon Tea

Session 8: BVLOS, Technologies and Legal 

1530: Eric Freund (Simbiant): IoT Solution for Emerging Requirements of ADS-B in the UAS Space. [presentation]

1600: Jean-Guy Blete (Thales): Safe and Secure Solution for Long Range Surveillance and Inspection. [presentation]

1630: Jayne Heatley & Kristina Cavanna (Norton White): The Legal Challenges Hovering over Operators. [presentation]

1700: Wrap up 

1710: Conference End


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