RPAS Chemical Application Working Group

The role of the RPAS Chemical Application Working Group is to provide industry with a voice to address relevant issues and roadblocks associated with chemical application from drones

Terms of Reference

  1. Provide a unified voice to approach Government and relevant agencies on behalf of industry for matter relating to chemical application from drones.
  2. Work with relevant government agencies to develop regulatory alignment across Australia.
  3. Use AAUS and working group network to develop political connections to assist in representing industry.
  4. Capture relevant datasets to assist regulatory development for application of chemicals from drones.

Working Group Members

  • Joseph McMahon (SUASROV, Chair)
  • Charles Chow (XAG)
  • Andrew Davies (Taz Drone Solutions)
  • Roger Fairest (Drone That)
  • Amanda Meys (CSIRO)
  • Mark Houston (NZ CAA)
  • Scott Copland (Complete Drone Services)
  • Adam Welsh (DJI)
  • Greg Tyrrell (AAUS)


List of AAUS Chemical Application Working Group submissions on behalf of AAUS membership:

AAUS Information Submission to OECD 20200414

AAUS Submission Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control Regulation 1998 20200518

AAUS Member Input / Feedback

The RPAS Chemical Application Working Group will communicate its progress against objectives on a regular basis via AAUS newsletter and other communication channels.  From time to time we will seek AAUS membership input via surveys, but we welcome input and feedback at anytime.

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