15-17 June 2021, RotorTech Expo, Brisbane


From Maybe to Mainstream Conference


Helicopter and Unmanned Flight Exposition

Drone technologies are rapidly becoming a significant tool in mainstream government and civilian applications assisting in the provision of important information to the end user in an efficient and safe manner. The “From Maybe to Mainstream” conference at ROTORTECH will be hosted by the Australian Association for Unmanned Systems (AAUS) and will bring together key government agencies and industry to discuss the current state of play for the use of drone technologies and explore opportunities moving forward.  Discussion will look at all aspects of the drone technology ecosystem including regulatory and data exploitation aspects.

The conference will run over two days during ROTORTECH 2020 at the Royal International Convention Centre.  Registration is free.

Day 1 of the conference will be examine current and  future applications of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) in fire and emergency management.  It is a tailored event developed for government agencies and industry and will focus on case studies of fire and police applications of drone technology and will explore challenges and opportunities.

The format of the event will be conference presentations and panel discussions.  Invited speakers include Chief Remote Pilots from State Police and Fire agencies, CASA and key industry technology developers.

Day 2 will follow a similar format but will shift focus to other civil applications of drone technology including agricultural , infrastructure inspection and aerial survey.  Delegates will hear from Government agencies employing drone technologies as well as key industry service and technology developers.

The conference provides an excellent opportunity to connect with industry, utilising drones for real and current applications.  Networking opportunities will form part of the program including a social event.

Program to be released soon

Invited Speakers

  • Andrew Matthews (National Aerial Firefighting Centre)
  • Wayne Rigg (Fire Rescue Victoria)
  • Anthony Wallgate (Fire Rescue NSW)
  • Chris Nicholson (NSW Police)
  • Mark Bond (EPA Victoria)
  • Luke Gumley (CASA)
  • Andrew Crowe (Mirragin)
  • Jack Kormas (Textron Systems Australia)
  • Andrew Duggan (Insitu Pacific)
  • Jackie Dujmovic (Hover UAV)
  • Nicola Macphail (Hover UAV)
  • Ken King (Freespace Operations)
  • Joshua Foo (D1 Store)
  • Amy Steiger (Cardno)
  • Nige Austin (The Ripper Group) 
  • James Rennie (AUAV)
  • Meg Kummerow (Fly the Farm)
  • Fiona Lake (Rural Drone Academy)
  • Wayne Lording (Cloverdale Group)

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