The Annual General Meeting of the Australian Association for Unmanned Systems Incorporated was held at the AAUS Office in Melbourne and virtually via Zoom on Thursday, November 26, 2020

During the meeting, the Annual Report and Financials for 2020 were presented and accepted.

The 2020 Annual Report can be accessed here.

President’s Welcome

AAUS President Reece Clothier noted that 2020 was a very busy year for AAUS, including increased tempo and forced-changes due to COVID-19.  He thanked the membership for its support and loyalty during the year and that it had secured the future of AAUS financially.

He encouraged members and the broader industry to continue to innovate and adapt. He also noted the considerable expansion of the drone sector, including for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), and highlighted the economic and job growth it is creating. Reece also commented on a significant increase in Government policy and regulatory activity for drones/AAM and highlighted the value AAUS is creating for members through its engagement at all levels of government and with other industry stakeholders.  He noted that AAUS is recognized as the respected voice of the drone industry and strongly encouraged the active involvement of members to contribute their perspectives and views moving forward. 

Reece noted the conduct of the Board election, highlighting the abundance of talent on offer. He welcomed new board members, thanked outgoing board members, and thanked Greg Tyrrell and Sally Burt for their considerable contributions to AAUS during 2020.       

Election of AAUS Board

In accordance with the AAUS Rules, financial members of AAUS were able to vote electronically on the make up of the AAUS Board of Directors during the last 3 weeks.

Election of Board positions

The following candidates were elected into General Board positions.

  • Andrew Crowe
  • Andrew Duggan
  • Max Lye
  • Terrence Martin
  • Leigh Simpson

The Executive position of Treasurer was won by Leigh Simpson (uncontested).

Reece Clothier thanked outgoing Board members Peggy MacTavish, Paul Dewar and Marcus Tehan for their outstanding contribution to AAUS over many years.

He also congratulated and welcomed new Board members Andrew Crowe, Max Lye and Terrence Martin and the re-election of Andrew Duggan and Leigh Simpson.

Reece then thanked unsuccessful candidates and encouraged them to participate in WGs and re-nominate. Reece also noted how the Industry has matured, with widespread expertise and talent on offer.

Proposed Changes to AAUS Rules

The AAUS Board proposed to make some changes to the Rules of the Association (AAUS Rules).  For proposed the rules to be adopted, a majority of the members voting to accept the motions must be attained.

Motion 1: Increase AAUS Board Membership term from 2 years to 3 years commencing 2020.

Motion 2: Revision of Rules for Casual Board Vacancies.

Explanatory notes for these motions can be found in 2020-AGM-Motions.

Results of Vote regarding Proposed Changes

Motion 1:

  • For: 634 votes (79.3%)
  • Against: 165 votes (20.7%)

The Motion was carried and ratified at the AGM.

Motion 2:

  • For: 814 votes (98.7%)
  • Against: 11 votes (1.3%)

The Motion was carried and ratified at the AGM.

Both motions will be incorporated into the AAUS Rules.