Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Australian Association for Unmanned Systems Incorporated will be held at the AAUS Office in Melbourne.

Date: Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Time: 4pm – 5pm followed by a BBQ.

Address: Level 1, 44 Lakeview Drive, Scoresby

RSVP:  For catering purposes, please let us know if you will be attending by emailing


  • President’s Welcome
  • Declaration of Quorum, Proxies & Apologies
  • Adoption of 2017 AGM Minutes
  • Annual Report for 2018 including Financial Report
  • Election of AAUS Board of Directors
  • General Business

Election of AAUS Board

In accordance with the AAUS Rules, financial members of AAUS are able to vote on the make up of the AAUS Board of Directors.


  • The AAUS Board of Directors consists of 4 Executive positions (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) plus 11 General positions.
  • Candidates may run for both Executive and General Board positions and once the Executive position has been determined, the successful person will be ineligible for the General position.
  • The following Executive Board positions will been vacated at the 2018 AGM: Treasurer
  • There are also 4 General Board positions that will be vacated at the 2018 AGM
  • Voting for Board positions is achieved only via the electronic form below and will be completed prior to the AGM
  • All voting is confidential
  • There is no provision for voting by proxy

Election of Treasurer


  • Peggy MacTavish (VP, Civil and Defence Services, Elbit Systems of Australia) [Qualification Form]
  • Leigh Simpson (Financial Controller, Textron Systems Australia) [Qualification Form]


In accordance with Rule 6.2c, Peggy MacTavish will be retiring from the position of Treasurer after a 2 year term.

In accordance with Rule 6.2d, Peggy MacTavish has re-nominated for the position of Treasurer.

In accordance with Rule 6.2d, we have received a nomination for the position of Treasurer from Leigh Simpson.

Both candidates have also nominated for a General Board position should they be unsuccessful in being elected as Treasurer.

Election of General Board positions (4)

Candidates (in alphabetical order)

  • Ross Anderson (Managing Director / Chief Controller, Aviassist) [Qualification Form]
  • Mitch Bannink (Director / Chief Controller, Overall Photography)
  • Eddie Bennet (CEO  / Chief Remote Pilot. The Ripper Group International) [Qualification Form]
  • Wayne Condon (Group CEO / Chief Remote Pilot, ATO Group) [Qualification Form]
  • Paul Dewar (Director / Chief Remote Pilot, Drone Pilots) [Qualification Form]
  • Andrew Duggan (Vice President & General Manager, Insitu Commercial)
  • Jackie Dujmovic (Director / Chief Remote Pilot, Hover UAV) [Qualification Form]
  • Peggy MacTavish (VP, Civil and Defence Services, Elbit Systems of Australia) [Qualification Form]
  • Anthony Marsh (Managing Director, Aeroeye) [Qualification Form]
  • Michael Roberts (Senior Aeronautical Engineer, Nova Systems) [Qualification Form]
  • Derek Rogers (Space Systems – Engineering Manager, BAE Systems Australia) [Qualification Form]
  • Leigh Simpson (Financial Controller, Textron Systems Australia) [Qualification Form]
  • Marcus Tehan (CEO, C3X) [Qualification Form]


In accordance with Rules 6.2c, Mitch Bannink, Andrew Duggan, Derek Rogers, Marcus Tehan and Peggy MacTavish (Treasurer) have all retired from their General Board positions.

In accordance with Rule 6.2d, all five have re-nominated for a General Board position.

In accordance with 6.2d, we have also received new nominations from Ross Anderson, Eddie Bennet, Wayne Condon, Paul Dewar, Jackie Dujmovic, Anthony Marsh, Michael Roberts and Leigh Simpson for General Board positions.

This means we have 13 candidates for 4 General Board positions and a vote is required. Note, the newly elected Treasurer (Peggy MacTavish or Leigh Simpson) will be removed from the General Board election.

Voting for Board positions will be accepted up until 1700 (EDT) on Friday November 16, 2018.

Complete and submit confidential electronic form to vote: