QBE Releases New RPAS Insurance Cover and Offers Discount for AAUS members

QBE has released a new RPAS insurance cover created specifically for commercial drone operators. The policy is designed to cover risks specific to the RPAS industry and uses language the industry will understand. In addition to proving cover for RPA’s, payload’s and liability, the new policy includes options to cover electronic data and privacy liability.

AAUS Members will receive a 10% discount off their insurance premiums.

AB Phillips Offers Discounted RPAS Insurance for AAUS members

AAUS is pleased to announce that it has partnered with AB Phillips to devise a specialist insurance facility to protect drones and their operators. This facility has been devised specifically for commercial operators and is tailored for business and individuals that operate within the law and/or adhere to CASA compliance and regulations.

Premiums are competitively priced, with a discount available to members of AAUS.