RPAS MOS Working Group

The role of the RPAS MOS Working Group is to provide industry with a voice to address relevant issues and opportunities associated with the content, interpretation, and consistency of delivery of the Part 101 MOS (MOS). 

Terms of Reference

  1. Provide a unified voice to approach Government and relevant agencies on behalf of industry on matters relating to the MOS.
  2. Develop key interactions between CASA and Industry to improve MOS development and consultation process
  3. Identify industry issues and inconsistencies with the CASR Part 101, MOS and related guidance material and communicate to CASA
  4. Seek a level of consistency for CASA delivery of the MOS and challenge CASA to provide logic on industry contentious items.
  5. Develop and provide practical documentation with industry support including a sample RPAS Operations Manual for use by industry.
  6. In partnership with CASA, explore opportunities to reduce red tape and cost associated with CASA approvals.

Working Group Members

  • John Perkins (JFP Services, Chair)
  • Ross Anderson (Aviassist)
  • Jake Andrew (The Institute for Drone Technology)
  • Wayne Condon (ATO Group)
  • Paul Dewar (Consultant / AAUS Board)
  • Steve Griffin (Unmanned Approvals)
  • Zac Kennedy (Swoop Aero)
  • Jonathan King (AVCRM / AAUS Board)
  • David Mann (UAVAIR)
  • Joseph McMahon (SUASROV)
  • John Morrison (Morrison Aerial Robotics)
  • Isaac Palmer (AVCRM)
  • Chris Vanderwerff (Consultant)
  • Adam Welsh (DJI)
  • Greg Tyrrell (AAUS)

Current Projects

  • Creation of a MOS Issues register to identify and resolve industry wide issues with the Part 101 MOS in collaboration with CASA.
  • Creation and maintenance of an Industry Operations Manual template for the benefit of AAUS members and greater RPAS industry.

AAUS Member Input / Feedback

AAUS engages regularly with the CASA RPAS Team and often communicates problems that AAUS members are experiencing with the regulations.  CASA has been very receptive of this approach and we hope to be able to influence outcomes on behalf of the RPAS industry such as improvements to the Part 101 MOS. 

AAUS welcomes input from our membership and the broader RPAS community in this regard.  To submit an issue you are experiencing with the Part 101 MOS, please fill in the register (link below).  Our Working Group will be in touch to follow up.

Register a Part 101 MOS Issue

The RPAS MOS Working Group will communicate its progress against objectives on a regular basis via AAUS newsletter and other communication channels.  From time to time we will seek AAUS membership input via surveys, but we welcome input and feedback at anytime.

Contact Greg Tyrrell