Report an Errant or Unsafe Drone Operator

The Australian Association for Unmanned Systems’ (AAUS) core objective is to promote a safe and viable drone industry in Australia. Unsafe or illegal drone operations pose a risk to everyone and we encourage members of the public to report drone operators that they believe are not acting safely or in accordance with the rules that apply to them. Please check the CASA website for basic rules and regulations that apply to drones (hobby and commercial).
It’s important to note that not all drone operations are illegal! Most drone operators tend to do the right thing by getting the appropriate safety approvals prior to conducting flights. It’s important that you don’t approach or distract a drone pilot whilst their vehicle is in the air. If you want to talk to them about their operation, wait until they have landed their aircraft.
There are various ways to report an illegal or unsafe drone operation:

Report Using the CASA Website

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is responsible for safety regulation, oversight and enforcement of all drone activities in Australia.
You can report an unsafe drone operation to CASA using the website link here.


Report Using DroneALERT

DroneALERT is a global rapid drone incident reporting system. Users can quickly and easily report dangerous or inappropriate drone operations using the DroneALERT website here.