Webinar commences October 6th 2020 2pm AEDT


Presentation Slide Deck:

AAUS Webinar FSP20 Slide Deck 20201006


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Webinar Program

1400Warren Ludwig (AAUS Board)Welcome
1410WGCDR Michael Gan (Plan Jericho Air Force Headquarters)Unmanned Systems, AI and the OODA Loop
1427AIRCDRE Adrian Maso (Director General Air Combat Capability)Air Force RPAS / UAS into a FSP20 Future
1442AIRCDRE Maso
Q&A Session
1452Short break to swap over presenters
1457COL Robin Smith (Future Land Warfare Branch Army HQ)Robotic & Autonomous Systems
1517COL Robin SmithQ&A Session
1527Short break to swap over presenters
1532CAPT Nicholas Trongale (Navy)- RAS AI
CAPT Matthew Royals (Navy) - Aviation
CAPT John Navin (Navy) - Littoral
CAPT Michael Jacobson (Navy) - Undersea
Navy RAS AI Programs
1557CAPT Nicholas Trongale
CAPT Matthew Royals (Navy)
CAPT John Navin
CAPT Michael Jacobson
Q&A Session
1607Warren Ludwig (AAUS Board)Closing Remarks
1610Webinar Close