9 September 2020

CASA is seeking feedback on the proposed changes to the rules for drones, also known as remotely piloted aircraft, including details on:

  • the registration and accreditation scheme
  • COVID pandemic relief
    • transitional provisions for remote pilot licences (RePL)
    • an extension to the commencement of RePL training instructor requirements

The proposal amends the Part 101 Manual of Standards (MOS).

Registration and accreditation

The amendments detail requirements to support the registration and accreditation scheme for:

  • the operation of foreign-registered drones under a permission in Australian territory
  • the proper conduct of online examinations (accreditation)
  • registration holders to display CASA-generated registration marks (legibly at all times)
  • the acceptable modification of registered drones and criteria when any modified drone must be re-registered
  • reducing red tape by replacing the requirement for excluded category notifications with registration.

The consultation is now open and will close on 23 September 2020.

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AAUS will also be responding to the consultation on behalf of members and will keep you informed.