2 July 2018

The unmanned/drone industry is rapidly evolving in all respects –  technology continues to advance, applications continue to broaden, and the individuals and companies making up our industry are diversifying.

As the recognised public face of the industry, AAUS needs to keep pace with this change and continue to evolve to meet the needs of industry.

Today we are excited to be launching our new branding and website. A cleaner, more modern visual identity that better represents our industry today.

With this comes a renewed effort to deliver new services and benefits to our expanding membership. This includes new information and networking seminars, revitalisation of the accredited operator program, and building on partnerships with the regulator, training and insurance organisations to help raise the level of professionalism across our industry. This is on top of our continued and considerable advocacy and community engagement efforts.

As a not for profit we thank you for your ongoing support and welcome the many new individuals and companies who have joined the Association over the last year. We also acknowledge the support from our loyal long term members.  Together, you have helped us become the largest, most respected, and most active Association in Australia.

Over the last decade we’ve seen considerable change in our industry. Whilst our logo may have changed our goal to realise the full potential of the unmanned systems/drone industry here in Australia hasn’t.

I personally can’t wait to see what exciting changes the next few years bring.

Dr Reece Clothier


Australian Association for Unmanned Systems