AAUS is advocating for increased funding for CASA to better support the rapidly growing Remotely Piloted Aircraft / Drone sector.

The commercial RPAS/drone industry is experiencing unprecedented growth. Earlier this month the number of CASA-certified businesses providing commercial RPAS services surpassed 1,200; more than the number of current Air Operators Certificate holders in Australia. This figure does not include the 7,700 other individuals and companies providing commercial RPAS services under the “excluded category”. That’s 9,000 new RPAS commercial operators added to the general aviation industry over the last five years. We expect this growth to continue, and within the next decade we predict the remotely piloted aviation sector to be larger in number and deliver significantly more economic benefit than all existing sectors of General Aviation combined.

Under CASA’s current fixed budget, personnel and resources needed to support other aviation industry sectors are being used to meet the high demand of the RPA/Drone sector. Resources required to deliver regulatory services to RPAS/drone sector come at the direct expense of the delivery of regulatory services to other aviation sectors. AAUS believes that this situation will not lead to the best safety outcome for the Australian aviation industry. For this reason, AAUS is advocating for an increase in CASA resources to ensure the continued high standard of safety across all aviation sectors.

Read our letter to The Hon Darren Chester MP, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport at the below link.

Letter to the Minister