AAM Working Group

The role of the AAUS Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Working Group will be to provide industry with a voice to communicate needs to Government and the public  on the development of an Australian AAM capability and related matters.

Terms of Reference

  1. Generate industry led discussion on significant regulatory, technical, operational and social challenges that need to be addressed to enable the UAM / AAM sector in Australia.


  1. Work collaboratively with Government, Government agencies and public sector to advance our collective understanding of the challenges facing the emerging industry and activities (unlocks) required to address them.


  1. Generate positive public discussion by promoting broad benefits and applications of UAM / AAM to urban and rural Australian communities

Working Group Members

  • Clem Newton-Brown (Skyportz, Chair)
  • Lauren Bagshaw-Flanagan (Flame Developments)
  • Eddie Bennet (Complete AUV)
  • Joe Bryant (Mirragin)
  • Peter Jones (Telstra)
  • Andrew Moore (AMSL Aero)
  • Leigh Simpson (Textron Systems Australia / AAUS Board)
  • Marcus Tehan (C3X / AAUS Board)
  • Rob Weaver (Consultant)
  • Greg Tyrrell (AAUS)


List of AAUS UAM Working Group submissions on behalf of AAUS membership:

AAUS Member Input / Feedback

The RPAS UAM Working Group will communicate its progress against objectives on a regular basis via AAUS newsletter and other communication channels.  From time to time we will seek AAUS membership input via surveys, but we welcome input and feedback at anytime.

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