We are proud to announce that AAUS has welcomed its 1,000th member!

“This is a significant milestone for the Association,” said AAUS President Dr Reece Clothier. “With year-on-year growth of 40%, more people are recognising the value an active and professional Association like AAUS brings to their business, and the broader industry as a whole,” he said.

“With our membership including drone operators, end users, research, education and training providers, system and equipment manufacturers, and consultancy and insurance providers, AAUS provides a truly comprehensive voice for industry”, Dr Clothier said.

AAUS Executive Director, Mr Greg Tyrrell cited the significant growth in the number of drone pilots and small businesses joining the Association, “More than 150 remote pilots have joined the Association over the last 12 months. This is largely due to the growing recognition of the benefits we offer our members,” he said.

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