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AAUS provides industry advocacy for all members of the unmanned systems community, big or small. AAUS is very grateful for the ongoing support from the following companies, who have all taken up one of our corporate sponsorship opportunities with AAUS. Without their continued support, we wouldn’t be able to deliver the services we do today! Please support us, by supporting them. For more information on corporate membership opportunities please Contact Us or visit the corporate membership webpage.

Platinum Corporate Sponsors

Cobham Aviation Services,

Gold Corporate Sponsors

Northrop Grumman is committed to Australia and helping the Australian Defence Force build its future force. As a leading global security company, Northrop Grumman provides innovative systems, products and solutions in unmanned systems, cyber, C4ISR, and logistics and modernisation to government and commercial customers worldwide. Please visit for more information.

Insitu Pacific is a leading unmanned systems provider in the Asia-Pacific region. Insitu Pacific designs, develops and operates runway-independent unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for surveillance, intelligence gathering, site or equipment monitoring, surveying, security and safety. With best-in-class technology, Insitu Pacific tailors custom solutions based on your unique needs. For your airborne requirements, our range of UAS include CyberQuad, ScanEagle and Integrator. On the ground, your requirements are covered through a range of iRobot Unmanned Ground Vehicles and McQ Unattended Ground Sensors. Insitu Pacific, located in Queensland, has provided unmanned systems solutions for both commercial and defence customers in the Asia-Pacific region since 2009. Our UAS systems are proven with over 787,000 operational flight hours. Insitu Pacific is a subsidiary of US based Insitu Inc and a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company. For more information please visit

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) delivers situational awareness by providing Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), radars, and electro-optic and related mission systems solutions worldwide. GA-ASI is a leading designer and manufacturer of proven, reliable RPAS including Predator B, which the company is offering to the Australian Defence Force. Delivering superior Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) and strike capabilities, Predator B will be an indispensable asset for safeguarding Australian warfighters from the threats they face operating overseas. An evolutionary leap in RPAS performance and reliability, Predator B flies as fast as 240 knots and has a payload capacity that includes 1364 kg of external stores beneath its wings and another 340 kg on its centreline, allowing flexibility for additional payloads. It has been acquired by the U.S. Air Force, Royal Air Force, Italian Air Force, the French Air Force, the Spanish Air Force, as well as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security/Customs and Border Protection (DHS/CBP) and NASA. For more information visit

Thales Australia, for more information visit

Nova Systems is a Professional Service Provider, specialising in the provision of engineering and management services, providing industry and government with world class independent expertise in delivering complex projects and solving technologically challenging problems. For more information visit

Telstra Corporation, for more information visit

Silver Corporate Sponsors

Yamaha Motor Australia, for more information visit

IDS Australasia (IDS AU) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Italian-based IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi; An independent engineering and systems technologies company providing research, innovation and products in the electromagnetic, radar, air navigation and RPAS fields for both civilian and defence applications. Headquartered in Brisbane with satellite offices in Perth and Canberra, IDS AU provides high level sales and services through Air Navigation, Georadar and Homeland Security / Defence. Visit for more information.

Measure Australia specialises in enterprise scale drone solutions. Measure Australia understands that while drones offer benefits over traditional technology and methods – cost, access, safety – the data captured is what matters most to clients.  Every day around Australia, Measure Australia’s proprietary Drones as a Service™ meets client specific data needs. Measure Australia is working with leading Australian businesses across a broad range of industries to deliver dramatic cost savings and new data-driven insights and outcomes. Many businesses have unique challenges and requirements. Measure Australia’s bespoke approach and consistent, high quality delivery sets it apart as a commercial partner.  Visit

Bronze Corporate Sponsors

Commencing operations in 1990 in Melbourne, Australia, Flight Data Systems Pty. Ltd. (FDS) is a specialist company providing aviation products & services to over 250 commercial and military customers worldwide. Flight Data Systems is a local provider that designs, develops, produces and supports a range of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) services.  We offer a range of solutions, including a full turnkey service with fully licensed CASA RPA operators and UAS systems for different commercial applications including asset inspection (pipelines, transmission lines and wind turbines), mapping or surveying of areas or investigations of mission critical areas.

Five Rings Aerospace is an aerospace/aviation consultancy specialising in providing custom design solutions for aircraft modifications and repairs and product design and manufacture. We provide aircraft design services to fixed and rotary wing aircraft operators throughout Australia and the broader Asia Pacific region. We have unique experience designing and operating Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in both civilian and military domains. Our engineers have developmental and flight test experience of key UAV safety technologies including Detect and Avoid (See-and-Avoid), Automated Separation Assurance and Automated Emergency Landing. Whether you are a platform developer or end-user, we can apply our skills in aircraft design, safety analysis, flight testing, and certification to get your unmanned system flying safely and achieving mission success. Visit for more information.

ATMECO Fluid Motion design, implement and maintain critical asset integrity monitoring programs with risk based survey scope and frequency adjustment in response to variations from baseline condition and corresponding threat levels or repair action priority assessment thresholds. ATMECO FluidMotion deploy RPAS platforms, sensors and a data management system that enable fast and efficient collection and distribution of critical asset condition information to the right people cost effectively and safely. Our unique combination of critical asset survey experience, technology and third party endorsed integrated safety management systems deliver condition monitoring surveys across Oil & Gas Production facilities (onshore and offshore) , Utility distribution networks (Gas & Electricity) and Water & Wastewater treatment facilities. ATMECO Fluid Motion RPAS surveys add significant value to process safety management, plant integrity and equipment reliability programs by generating related condition information in a fast, efficient and safe manner. For more information, please visit

Aerosonde is a strategic business of AAI Corporation, an operating unit of Textron Systems, a Textron Inc. company. We bring small unmanned aircraft system capabilities to the military and scientific communities, both in the U.S. and internationally. Aerosonde’s headquarters, which also serves as the Aerosonde aircraft manufacturing facility, is located in Victoria, Australia. Visit for more information.

For 40 years, AB Phillips has helped businesses save time and money through providing comprehensive insurance and risk products and services. Backed by AUB Group Ltd (ASX: AUB), which ranks among the top insurance broking and risk services groups in Australia & New Zealand, the group manages over $2.5b in GWP (gross written premiums) and more than $700m in FUA (funds under advice).  Visit

AAUS has partnered with AB Phillips to devise a specialist insurance facility to protect commercial drones and their operators.  More Information on the insurance product.

Acticor is an Australian engineering company which specialises in systems engineering and uninhabited vehicle systems. Development projects involve substantial risks, including those associated with cost, schedule, performance, quality and safety. Acticor reduces risks through the application of systems engineering, ensuring the successful delivery of projects involving complex systems. With 20 years’ experience in uninhabited vehicle systems and defence, Acticor operates across the lifecycle from concept development and tendering through to in-service support and disposal. Acticor is ready to assist with your next mission-critical systems development project. Visit for more information.

AOS specialises in the revolutionary are field of autonomous and semi-autonomous systems. Applications include UAV’s, UVG’s, and UUV’s, as well as oil production management and advanced military and heavy industry simulation and training systems. Our COTS software products JACK® and C-BDI provide decision-making and decision-support capabilities for both commercial and safety-critical systems, with C-BDI specifically designed to be amenable to safety case assurance. AOS is a consortium partner in the UK’s ASTRAEA Programme and key customers include BAES: Rolls-Royce; UK Ministry of Defence; DSTO, Boeing R&T; Lockheed Martin; Northrop Grumman Information Systems and Statoil. First released in 1998, AOS’s operational autonomous software now covers the full spectrum of applications from intelligent systems helping experts solve mission-critical problems, to fully autonomous systems that independently perform tasks delegated by humans.

CAE is a global leader in delivery of training for the civil aviation, defence and security, and healthcare markets. The company designs and integrates the industry's most comprehensive training solutions, anchored by the knowledge and expertise of 8,000 employees, world-leading simulation technologies and a track record of service and technology innovation spanning seven decades. CAE's global presence is the broadest in the industry, with 160 sites and training locations in 35 countries and the world's largest installed base of flight simulators. Each year, CAE trains more than 120,000 civil and defence crew members, as well as thousands of healthcare professionals.

SGS HART Aviation: Trusted RPAS Services from a global leader in Aviation. When operating Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, (RPAS, UAVs, Drones), professional aviation safety standards, training and risk management strategies are imperative for continual safety performance and assurance. As a world leader in quantifying and qualifying risk management and protection strategies in all areas of general aviation and RPAS activities, we set the benchmark for RPAS standards. Identifying and treating the risks in RPAS operations is the speciality of SGS HART Aviation, who are leading the way in RPAS risk management and safety initiatives. Our consulting, auditing and specialised training services help RPAS operators and end users to: Demonstrate a verifiable commitment to quality and safety; Ensure compliance, due diligence and corporate responsibility; Comply with national and international regulations and recommended practices, industry specifications and client requirements; Ensure your personnel have adequate training and competency. To discuss your RPAS requirements, contact SGS today:

ARI Labs, for more information visit for more information.

Select Solutions is an innovative, adaptable and experienced provider of infrastructure asset management services. We partner with network owners in the essential infrastructure sector to help monitor, maintain and optimise the performance of their assets.  We specialise in the utilities and transport sectors and are a recognised leader in end to end metering connections across Australia.  Established in 2009, Select Solutions now has almost 1000 employees nationally and was accredited as an Aon Hewitt “Best Employer” in 2014, as well as achieving an independent customer satisfaction index well above the industry standard from the Wallis Group in 2014.  Given the environments we operate in, we have a great appreciation of the importance to keep our people safe, along with the general public and the assets we are working with. Across our business we have embedded a safety culture program, missionZero, which is a consideration in everything we do.  We create value and drive improved business performance for all of our customers. Visit for more information.

C3X is one of Australia's leading aerial imagery, drone and autonomous system solution providers.  We empower our clients with information to make smarter decisions.  We operate in all States and Territories, regional and metropolitan areas across Australia. Our clients include some of the worlds leading companies across key sectors including agriculture, engineering, infrastructure, real estate, utilities, and government.  Call our C3X solutions team on 1300 239 200 or visit us at

The Insititute for Drone technology is the education & training arm of Freedom Drone Sports™.  Our vision is to be a place where experts in drone technology and the industrial applications of drones can share their knowledge and skills with the world. We help individuals and organisations understand the revolutionary benefits of drone technology, and gain the skills to implement drone technology in their workplaces.  For more information, please visit

Watsons offers an extensive range of professional services with access to all of the professional disciplines necessary to successfully revolutionise land.  For more information, visit

SME Corporate Supporters

ScientificAerospace have been developing high quality commercial remotely piloted aerial systems (RPAS) since 2006 and providing multi-rotor RPAS training since 2012. Their market leading cyberQuad and TopoDrone 4Scight RPAS have been developed specifically to address the inspection and surveying industries respectively and are capable of carrying high quality sensors, take-off and landing vertical, and reliably fly autonomously, even in high winds. The aircraft employ inherently safe designs, with direct drive brushless motors, non-conductive airframes and enclosed ducted fans, which are efficiently engineered to be easily transported and rapidly deployed. Visit us at

Blue sky vision media is an integrated and diverse provider of UAV services.  Our heavy lift multi rotor endurance platforms can carry interchangeable camera and sensory payloads providing flexibility for commercial applications including IR technology and collection of high quality vision and data.  Our services include 1) Aerial photography and videography assignments, 2) Post production data manipulation, 3)Aerial inspection with IR technology, 4) Training consultancy services including RTO compliance management, 5) Reseller and distribution arrangements for high quality products to support aerial platform developers and high end aerial photography / videography.  To see our full range of services go to or contact Scott on 0409 940 817 

Cloud9 Aerial Photography, for more information please visit

At Digital Falcon we specialise in remote sensing for environmental monitoring and precision agriculture. We provide a complete service from data collection and post processing to visualisation and online collaboration tools. What differentiates Digital Falcon from other operators is our ability to capture scientific grade data and develop custom image analysis algorithms for your specific application.  For more information, visit

UAS International, for more information please visit

Dexata is a proven supplier of breakthrough analytic capabilities within the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) domain. Experts in real time analytics at big-data scale, our systems convert huge volumes of track data into qualified, actionable intelligence. We maximise the value of your existing ISR infrastructure, intelligence and people, to dramatically raise your comprehension of unfolding events.  Dexata’s technology, Horus, helps by removing the noise of ordinary tracking activity and highlighting the extraordinary. Horus correlates and quantifies the components of knowledge that underpin decision-making in Surveillance, minimising the cost of decisions and freeing up skilled people to do more productive things. For more information, visit

DBC Group, for more information visit

Natura Pacific is an award winning social enterprise that aims to reconnect communities with nature. We provide awareness, resources, and the assistance for our clients to play their part in making our community more sustainable. Natura Pacific operates using two symbiotic pillars to the business: Natura Consulting and Natura Education. Natura Consulting provides expert environmental consulting services to clients large and small across multiple industries. Our clients include some of the Asia-Pacific region’s largest developing businesses and organisations such as Origin, Powerlink and Oxfam as well as state and national governments. Natura Education operates using 100% of net profit generated from Natura Consulting, with educators delivering scientifically-based and curriculum-aligned environmental programs to over 130 institutions, from early learning centres and schools right through to university students and community groups.  For more information, visit

Regional Drones, for more information visit

Tickety View, for more information visit

SOAPdrones, for more information visit

Altitude Imaging is a CASA certified professional aerial imaging, survey & inspection company. We employ a team of professional CASA licensed UAV Controllers and industry specialists with backgrounds in media and engineering. Our team is the heart and soul of our business. On site we are always friendly and accommodating when approached by the general public. Altitude’s team will always take the time to explain why we are operating in the area. The Altitude team understands that when you engage us, we represent you on site and we continually strive to impress. Our position as an industry leader is due to our highly skilled team, their experience and professionalism combined with industry leading UAV / Drone Systems.  Altitude Imaging operates on a culture underpinned by 5 values: Respect, Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence and above all we are Safe.  For more information, visit

RPAS Australia, for more information, visit

As Gold Aero is a Canberra start-up providing drone services and inspiration for learning. Aerial photography and videos can provide new data insights, increase savings and improve safety for asset inspections, agriculture, surveying, mapping and emergency services. Aerial services will commence on 29 September 2016 with our Remote Pilot, who is certified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.Public outreach and education services are already under way, starting with the Micro-drone Dome at National Science Week.  For more information, visit

Global Drone Designs.  For more information, visit

Elevo is a niche UAV service provider, offering data-driven UAV services to clients in the resources, waste, agriculture, infrastructure, and environmental science industries. We take a results-oriented approach to our work. This means that we spend time finding out exactly what type, quality and quantity of data is required. Only once that is established can we come up with a workflow utilising the latest in UAV (and other) technologies to deliver relevant and accurate results.  Elevo is based in Perth with experience operating UAVs across WA, and internationally including New Zealand and West Africa. We’re happy to travel and may be available to mobilise at short notice if required.  Visit

Nathan Roy is the owner/director for Aerobugs. He has been farming strawberries for over 20 years and saw a need for UAV use in agriculture. His very first UAV was built around his dining room table! Nathan has attended numerous workshops and seminars with Strawberries Australia, CSIRO and DAFF which gives him enormous amounts of primary industry knowledge for primary industries. He is well respected throughout various industries and states in Australia. Team this with a love of robotics and innovation and you have a winner! Nathan has developed and continues to develop new ways for farmers to save money and potentially increase yields, something all agricultural business owners want! He works alongside his wife and business partner, who runs the office, and his 4 children are always close by and involved.  For more information, visit

Upson Downs Imaging Services.  Visit

Academic Supporters

The School of Engineering at RMIT University is Australia's top-ranked school for Aerospace Engineering. The RMIT UAS Research Team leads research into unmanned aircraft systems within the University. The RUASRT has a focus on delivering innovative research and with real world outcomes. Some of our research partners include: USAF Research Laboratory, Defence Science Institute, Defence Science & Technology Group, Boeing Research & Technology Australia, Northrop Grumman, Thales Australia, Flight Data Systems, StopRotor, and Aerosonde. The Team has broad expertise in systems engineering and design, aerodynamics, sensing and mapping, safety and certification. Visit or to find out more.

For more information please visit

For more information please visit

International Institute of Australia. for more information please visit

NQ Dry Tropics, for more information visit

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