AAUS Accredited Drone Operator Program

The Australian Association for Unmanned Systems’ (AAUS) core objective is to promote a safe and viable unmanned systems industry in Australia. 

There is increasing use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) or drones in a wide range of civil applications. These applications can deliver significant benefit to the public. However, the use of drones by unprofessional operators can have a detrimental impact on the high safety standard and reputation of the entire industry sector. It can also expose the end-users of drone services to a number of commercial, legal, and regulatory risks.

AAUS recognises the need to promote those RPAS/drone operators who offer a service to a high professional standard.

AAUS also recognises the difficulties end-users have in finding and identifying professional drone service providers.


AAUS endeavours to promote the highest level of safety and professionalism from all drone operators. To this end, AAUS has established the AAUS Accredited Drone Operator Program. The objectives of the Program are to:

Provide drone operators with an independent means for identifying their business as a professional member of the industry;

Provide end-users with added assurance in the professionalism of the drone service providers they engage.


The AAUS Drone Operator Accreditation Program provides independent checks on drone operators, who must sign up to an industry code of conduct, have insurance, and know the regulations and the principles of professionalism.

The program is open to all drone operators who are members of AAUS, and is particularly targeted towards those intending to fly in the “excluded operations” category. Such operators will be able to access insurance under the program.

More information on the program, including criteria for eligibility can be found at the below link:

AAUS Accredited Drones Operators Program


At the heart of the Drone Operator Accreditation Program is the industry code of conduct. The code of conduct covers the principles of airmanship, professionalism, privacy management, and the concept of "flying neighbourly". An operator who signs the code of conduct agrees to implement practices aligned with the principles defined in the code of conduct. The code of conduct can be read below:

AAUS Code of Conduct

Accredited Drone Operators are encouraged to display the code of conduct to promote the uptake of sound professional practice across the entire industry.   


Want to distinguish your business from the fly by nighters out there? Will this is the best way to do it. AAUS is also working with end-users in the real estate, primary industries, local government and infrastructure sectors to promote the use of AAUS Accredited Drone Operators. For operators in the excluded program, accreditation also provides you a mechanism to access insurance. 


Any AAUS member who meets the eligibility criteria can apply... and the cost? Completely FREE. At AAUS we believe cost shouldn't be a barrier to promoting safety and professionalism in our industry.

AAUS members can apply by submitting the necessary documentation (see above) to the independent Accreditation Panel for review using the below link. Please note, you MUST submit all the required documentation.

Submit Your Application for Accreditation


Easiest way to identify an AAUS accredited drone operator is to look for the seal (an example is at the top of the page). You can always Contact Us to verify an operator or search operators using our public directory.

Member Directory


AAUS wants to uphold the highest level of professionalism in our industry. If you have concerns about an AAUS Accredited Drone Operator, then we need to know!  Please contact us using the below link. Any information provided will be treated as strictly confidential.

Submit a Complaint


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